World Food Curator

Being a “curator” entails presenting optimal solutions by gathering and organizing various information.
SC Foods seeks to be the “WORLD FOOD CURATOR”
by delivering food materials from all over the world and introducing new interpretations of food.
We provide optimal solutions tailored to its customers’ exact needs, taking into consideration each suppliers’ circumstances. Through such commitment, SC Foods envisions to create new values.



The WORLD Seen From Above the Supply Chain

Transcending the notion of import nations, SC Foods views the “WORLD” with potentials for procuring food resources from optimal environments.
With deep knowledge and insight gained from the best regions of production, along with a profound understanding of their underlying cultural values, SC Foods envisions the form and shape of the food served on its customers’ dining tables.
We take holistic approach to the supply chain, from procuring raw materials to delivering prepared(processed)foods.


The Geographical WORLD

The “WORLD” in our view consists of all the regions in which food resources can be procured.
We create new businesses in the markets of crop regions, develop our suppliers’ markets abroad and form business ideas from overseas processing plants. Building on our multi-lateral enterprise, SC Foods continues to expand the geographical potential of the world.


WORLD Abiding by Strict Safe and Legal Standards

SC Foods not only complies with food laws and regulations but also adheres to stricter safety standards.
Our effort to meet higher standards and commitment to quality improvement reinforces company trusts and values.
SC Foods creates a highly reliable “WORLD” by establishing a supply chain with partners who share the same values.


The WORLD Envisioned in People’s Minds

SC Foods ensures the WORLD that the food it delivers is always safe, delicious, enjoyable and enhancing health and beauty.


01 FOOD:

FOOD from Farming and Fisheries to the Dining Table

SC Foods captures the value chain of food procuring and processing as a part of history, economy and culture of world’s food industry.
By capturing the big picture of farming and fisheries across the world, we take holistic approaches to the supply chain, from procuring and processing of food materials to customers’ dining tables.

02 FOOD:

Food Products, Meals and Dietary Customs, and Their Effects on Health and Wellness

SC Foods’ concept of “FOOD” encompasses food materials, their nutritional value, meal preparations and recipes, cuisines, dietary customs and health benefits.
Food is the basic necessity of life and remains as the fundamental human need in every culture, over every generation, on every continent.
Dietary habits and preferences are shaped in early age.
We understand the importance of nurturing healthy dietary habits to children for their better and healthier future.

03 FOOD:

Ideas Generating an affluent FOOD Culture

SC Foods believes that “FOOD cultures” are developed and passed on through generations in various regions. Food cultures may broaden by combining various foods and introducing new food cultures.
The Japanese character, kanji, for “FOOD” is comprised of two parts: “people” and “valuable.” Food brings people together and makes them happier.
By focusing on health benefits, we will provide solutions to the central issue of the food culture.



Responsibility to Understand Clients’ Needs and Offer Optimal Solutions

SC Foods understands that each client has their own challenge and that their solution to it may vary.
The most desirable customer value that we offer is our notable business skills and insights.
By deeply understanding the issues each client faces and designing solutions from client’s point of view, we help create new values together with our clients.


Capturing the Big Picture of the World, Constantly Seeking New Information and Generating Unique Ideas

SC Foods observes new trends in business and technology around the world, inquiring why things happen and where those are heading to.
By optimizing Sumitomo Corporation’s global network, we gather up-to-date information and put them into practical application.


Create New Values by Introducing New Interpretations Based on Our Experience and Knowledge

SC Foods is deeply committed to the world’s food supply chain and captures the system objectively.
Being the member of Sumitomo Corporation Group, we have deep knowledge and background to grasp the future trends of the industry.
We provide new interpretations to conventional ideas and business cultures in order to create new values and schemes to the food industry.

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