Since its establishment in 1989, SC Foods Co., Ltd. has achieved substantial growth as a leader in the food manufacturing industry; providing safe, reliable and superior products based on the business platform of Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Business environment of food industry is changing rapidly. For example, the domestic market is expected to expand amid chronic manpower shortages in the Japanese labor market. We take this as a business opportunity to offer proactive solutions to our customers. SC Foods will add qualities to our own food materials by fully utilizing our robust business network in order to offer manufacturing efficiency to our customers’ end.

Food products are highly subject to individual preferences and trends, requiring ceaseless product proposals based on technological development. Within the industry, we anticipate health consciousness among consumers will essentially increase. While precisely capturing the trend, SC Foods will continuously develop and propose attractive food products and ingredients, opening the doors to affluent food culture in the future.

Not being content with the status quo, we will unite as a company and work together with our customers to reach greater heights. We highly appreciate your continued guidance and support.

SC Foods Co., Ltd. President
Tetsuro Tajima
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