SC Foods Co., Ltd., as a group company responsible for food business of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, has continued to grow together with our customers with the mission of achieving prosperity and realizing dreams through sound business activities.

Based on Sumitomo's Business Philosophy, we have been working on providing a stable supply of safe, reliable, and high-quality products from our business partners in more than 40 countries around the world. In recent years, geopolitical risks have become apparent, and labor shortages have become one of the major social issues both domestically and abroad.

In the food industry, consumer needs and preferences change rapidly, which we believe that are greatly influenced by social situations. In order to respond to changes in the dining scene due to the declining birth rate, aging population, increased health consciousness, and important issues such as the SDGs, we have positioned our business activities as "WORLD FOOD CURATOR" and "presenting optimal solutions by gathering and organizing various information." We will develop and propose attractive foods and ingredients, and create affluent food culture in the future.

We at SC Foods will continue to make efforts both domestically and internationally to provide added value to our customers, and will strive to contribute to a sustainable, bright, and prosperous society. We highly appreciate your continuous guidance and support.

SC Foods Co., Ltd. President
Tadashi Yamashita
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