History of SC Foods Co., Ltd.

Apr. 2006
SC Foods Co., Ltd. and Sumisho Fresh Meat Co., Ltd. merged, changed its name to SC Foods Co., Ltd.
Mar. 2009
ISO 22000 certification issued to the Omiya Factory.
Feb. 2011
Headquarters moved to Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
Aug. 2012
ISO 14001 certification issued to the Tokyo Headquarters, Osaka Office and Omiya Factory.
Mar. 2017
Headquarters moved to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 2018
Kawasaki Shiohama Processing Center was established and started operations.
Apr. 2019
Acquired 100% ownership of Juice Products New Zealand
Apr. 2021
Summit Oil Mill Co., Ltd. to become a subsidiary of SC Foods Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2021
ISO 22000 certification issued to the Kawasaki Shiohama Processing Center.

History of SC Foods Co., Ltd.

Jan. 1989
SC Foods Co., Ltd.. was founded from Sumitomo Corporation’s Food Dept. No.1(Capital: 10 million JPY, Location: 3-20 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). Started importing and selling processed tomato products, honey, etc.
Feb. 1998
Marine Products Division was established based on the former SC Marine Products Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1998
West Japan Sales Division was established(commercial rights partially transferred from Sumitomo Corporation’s Foodstuff Dept., Osaka).
Apr. 1998
Commercial rights transferred from Sumitomo Corporation’s Food Dept. No.2 for Sweets and Beverages Team.
Feb. 1999
Headquarters relocated to Kandabashi Yasuda Building 3F, 1-1 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Mar. 1999
Distribution Division was established.
Apr. 1999
Commercial rights for grains transferred from Sumitomo Corporation’s Grain & Feedstuff Dept.
Apr. 2000
Capital increased to 495 million JPY.
Sep. 2003
Headquarters relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo, sharing offices with Sumisho Fresh Meat Co., Ltd.
Oct. 2004
Terminated divisional structure, Osaka Sales Division reorganized as Osaka Branch.
Feb. 2006
Entered a merger agreement with Sumisho Fresh Meat Co., Ltd.

History of Sumisho Fresh Meat Co., Ltd.

SC Meat Co., Ltd. established in Omiya, Saitama. Omiya Factory began operation. Coordinated with Sumitomo Corporation to wholesale imported and domestic meat materials in Japan(restructuring a company founded in the 1980s for importing and selling meat domestically.). Production and processing took place in the Omiya Factory, while business operation took place at the headquarters. Sumitomo Corporation adapted an exclusive agency agreement with Smithfield Foods, the largest pork integrator in the US. Started selling their pork materials in Japan named “Natural Pork.”
Kobe Branch Office established in Kobe, Hyogo, to consolidate product distribution.
Headquarters relocated to Taito-ku, Tokyo. Second Sales Division i was stationed inside Sumitomo Corporation, integrating manufacturing and sales.
Headquarters relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo. Sumitomo Corporation’s Processed Meat Products Division also relocated to the same office. SC Meat Co., Ltd.changed its name to Sumisho Fresh Meat Co., Ltd. Kobe Branch Office was relocated within Kobe, Hyogo, and restructured as the Kobe Branch.
Started centralized distribution for Inaba Wako.
Third Sales Division was established, expanding transactions of imported beef, processed meat products and chicken.
Started marketing US-produced Golden Sunrise Beef(Sun Land Beef Company)in Japan. Headquarters relocated to Minato-ku, Tokyo, sharing office floor with SC Foods Co., Ltd., reinforcing Sumitomo Corporation Group’s meat and food products enterprise. Omiya Factory No. 2 stared operation.
Started marketing Smithfield Foods’ Grand River Showcase Brand Beef in Japan.
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