Italian citrus juices

We are the exclusive Agrumi Gel distributor for Japan.
This is a premium juice producer that extols the wonders of using only 100% handpicked ingredients grown in Italy's Sicily and juicing fruit within 24 hours after harvesting.
Organic JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standards)item production is also available.

Production areas: Italy(Agrumi Gel)

Chilean fruit pastes and juices

The world's largest vegetable and fruit paste producer.
In addition to paste, our Chilean supplier has also started operating juice plant facilities from 2012 onward. They can now produce several hundred thousand tons of the highest quality pastes and juices yearly.
The wide-variety lineup of vegetables and fruits harvested in a Mediterranean climate is also one of their unique features.

Production areas: Chile(Agrozzi)

Spanish vegetables, fruit purees, and juices

Our Spanish supplier is a major producer with a plant in Catalonia.
The local advantage of a Mediterranean climate facilitates the production of a wide variety of products. Though this supplier is a major company, it also handles special specifications such as deoxidization and decolorizing.
Organic JAS(Japanese Agricultural Standards)application is also available for some products.

Production areas: Spain(Indulleida)

Indian tropical purees

A major Indian producer that makes mango puree its flagship product.
They specialize in Alphonso mangos, well known in Japan as the "king of mangos" and have a rich history of trade with Japan.
They maintain a plant in the Nashik area, a major source of Alphonso mangos, and operate 24 hours a day during the peak season from May to June.

Production areas: India(Foods and Inns)

Assorted grape juices

Grape juices with a variety of specifications are available with grapes of assorted strains from North America, Europe, and South America.

Production areas: USA, Spain, Italy, Poland, Chile, Argentina

Assorted citrus juices

Unique citrus juices are also available from countries all over the world, focusing on orange juice, lemon juice, and grapefruit juice.

Production areas: Brazil, South Africa, Israel

Tropical fruit

Processed tropical fruit items from countries all over the world are available through Profood(the Philippines), the world's largest processed tropical fruit item producer, and other sources.

Production areas: The Philippines, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Columbia, etc.

Other assorted juices

In addition to the above, all sorts of juices and purees from countries all over the world are also available.

Production areas: China, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia
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