Australian rice(Opus)

Australian rice

A short-grained variety imported by SBS tender. This Australian short-grained variety has been imported to Japan for many years. It is a good match with both meat and fish. As a firm-grained rice which easily allows the passage of sauce, it is also used for don(rice bowl with toppings and sauce)dishes.

Production areas: Australia
Australian rice (Uraraka)

Australian rice

A short-grained variety imported by SBS tender. A variety produced by crossing Koshihikari with another Japanese rice that produces high quality. Characterized by flavor(sweetness)close to that of Japanese rice.

Production areas: Australia
Obako no Takumi

Obako no Takumi

Our own rice brand, produced in partnership with the production region, and grown by rice farmers picked in a “delicious rice tournament”. The variety used is Akita Komachi, grown in Akita prefecture.

Production areas: Akita

Foreign-produced broken milled rice

SBS imported rice. Used mainly for rice snacks and miso.

Production areas: America, Australia, Thailand

U.S.-produced rice / U.S. rice

SBS imported medium-grain rice(Calrose), sticky rice(Cal mochi)

Production areas: America

Thai-produced rice / Thai rice

SBS imported long-grain rice, sticky rice (Thai rice cake / Thai mochi)

Production areas: Thailand

Rice flour mix

Non-glutinous rice flour or sticky rice flour mixed with sugar, starch, etc.
Used mainly for traditional Japanese confectionery and rice snacks.

Production areas: America, Australia
Processing areas: America, Australia

Edible Beans / others

Azuki beans

Dried beans: ingredient for candy and Japanese sweets.

Production areas: China, Canada

Kidney beans

Dried beans: ingredient for candy and Japanese sweets, boiled beans, and deli dishes.

Production areas: China, Canada

Broad beans

Dried beans: ingredient for roasted beans, candy, snack sweets, etc.

Production areas: China, Australia


Dried beans: ingredient for boiled beans, Japanese sweets, etc.

Production areas: Canada, England


Dried beans: ingredient deli dishes, snack sweets, etc.

Production areas: Canada

Kyushu-produced sweet potato paste

Baked sweet potato paste(frozen)Types: Anno-imo, Beni-haruka, Purple Sweet, etc.

Production areas: Domestic manufacturing


Turkish raisins(Thompson seedless type), for use in confectionary and bread-making.

Production areas: Turkey
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